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    We are so excited creating levels for our game! Building beauty landscapes, puzzles, traps, enemy hordes and many other things…

    Desire to share this feeling with players and to see their reactions is so strong, that we've decided to make it possible for players to create their own levels. 

    Still not sure whether it will be "Tiled Map Editor + instructions" or "Maze-only-custom-editor".

    Anyway this will happen in early updates after desktop release.



    So… Hello. I'm a new programmer 🙂

    Game was completely rewritten using Haxe, OpenFLHaxeFlixel and StablexUI to be able to run on a wide range of platforms and to speed up development (i'm simply more familiar with haxe than with as3).

    We are moving forward really fast, and our primary target at this stage is flash platform. Actually we're going to create game series, and flash game will become the first chapter of the story.

    A shot of new version playground can be found here.

    While i'm reinventing a bycicle, Rt8vr8ttr is designing levels and bringing to perfection pixels.

    I hope this project will be released at last 🙂