Maybe BoxArt 


Genre : Zelda-like adventure 
Release Date: TBA 
Platform: Android/iOS devices, PC, maybe PSP and Nintendo DS 



"Journey to Hammerdale" is Zelda-like adventure with cute retro-styled graphix and oldskool spirit. The game's focus is on environmental puzzle solving, atmosphere, and exploration. The goal is to make the game's world interesting enough to entice players to want to explore, so we plan on having quite a few paths, secret areas and unlockable abilities.

Like in Zelda you can catch cute animals and have them accompany you on your adventures while also boosting your skills.

RPG elements?

Actually i'm not sure (lol), but i hope game also features some RPG elements like experience system, stats and inventory. There will be lot of weapons, armour and spells. Weapons and armour have levels just like you. All characters can cast the same spells from memory, after learning by reading spell books.



J2H — игра в духе старых, кавайных адвенчур — таких, как Legend of Zelda и Secret of Mana. В игре (скорее всего) будут ролевые и точно будет много паззлов — для решения которых придется использовать различные предметы и существа.